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Elsaute, a little village tucked away close to motorway 3 (Liège-Aix), was completely split in two at the beginnng of the 1960s following the construction of the Roi Baudouin motorway, and again in 2001 by the TGV high speed rail works. However, the people of Elsaute already know what it is like being divided as their parish is split in two: one part is in the old commune of Clermont (currently Thimister-Clermont) and the other part is in the old commune of Henri-Chapelle (currently Welkenraedt).

However, none of this has any effect on the people of Elsaute as their dynamism remains intact and indivisible, a prime example being reverend Father Fabry, the last parish priest who would often proclaim loud and proud, the maxim adopted by the whole village « A ELSAUTE FAUT QUE ÇA SAUTE » which roughly translated means, "make it snappy in Elsaute".


Since the middle of the 19th Century, at the beginning of December each year, a procession of several hundred horse riders takes place.

They gather in front of the small building structure erected in honor of SAINT-ELOI to receive a blessing for their mount, followed by a well watered party held in the salle de la Jeunesse.

Lohirville and Bois-les-Dames are the oldest hamlets in the little village of Elsaute where you can sometimes find written names, such as « El Saute » and « La Saute ».