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Once serviced by the railway, the small village of Froidthier lived off the prosperous manufacture of bed linen, a business run by Monsieur

Mathieu  Snoeck's family who gave employment to many people. A violent fire in 1888 completely destroyed the factory, which lead to an exodus of workers towards the region of Verviers.

Nowadays, Froidthier is the greenest part of the commune of Thimister-Clermont and deserves to be explored by walkers, particularly, the hamlets of Corbillon, Winandchamps, Les Trixhes, Bruyères and Chaumont. The name Chaumont, derived from chaud (warm) and mont (mount) contrasts strangely with the name Froidthier, derived from the word froid meaning cold.

At Chaumont, a pillar was erected to the memory of the heroic New Zealander pilots, who died during an aerial combat during the 1940-45 war.


A short distance away is la Chapelle des Anges (Angels' chapel), also known as the "Chapèle es trô".


The sanctuary, dating back to 1691, was restored and expanded in 1804. Currently, Froidthier is not accessible by train Nevertheless, the old 38 line leads visitors (walkers, cyclists or horse riders) practically to the centre of the village.

There you will find a simple church built in 1845 with a niche in the facade which houses a statue of Saint-Gilles and his deer.