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As administrative and commercial centre of the Thimister-Clermont region, the village of Thimister owes its name to the cultivation of thyme during the medieval era.

Formerly part of the Duchy of Limbourg and the Ban of Herve, it is situated close to the Charlemagne road where the monument to the memory of Cavalier Fonck was erected, the first Belgian soldier killed in the first world war on 4 August 1914, and who is commemorated on the first Sunday of August each year.

For centuries, the villages's activity was farming and the production of Herve cheese.

Later on artisan crafts developed, particularly textile manufacture including several factories and a multitude of artisans processing work under contract.

The fruit trade was also important and the numerous orchard bursting with fruit gave Joseph Ruwet the idea of manufacturing a new produce in 1898, the cider.


Situated midway between Liège and Aix, on the Roi Baudouin motorway, Thimister has experienced a large population increase over the the last twenty years.

Many companies and SMEs have been created and are growing continually.

This is especially so in the Plénesses industrial zone, which in turn has given a boost to the commune as a whole

If you visit Thimister, you will find a pretty square covered in flowers, as well as well-preserved houses that surround the parish church dedicated to Saint-Antoine l'Ermite