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The Plenesses industrial zone


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The Plénesses industrial estate (Verviers-Nord) covers 175 hectares, nearly 120 of which are in Thimister-Clermont.

This attractive and rapidly developing area, is located on the E40 motorway and offers several advantages to companies setting up there:

  • Easy access via a motorway interchange
  • Eligible zone - ERDF objective 2
  • Dedicated services
  • electricity (via Intermosane-Electrabel)
  • water (via SWDE)
  • gas (via ALG)
  • cable television
  • telecommunications
  • sewage system linked to a public sewage treatment plant (AIDE)
  • petrol station

For information related to the installations in the industrial zone or to contact any of the companies within, please contact:

  • Société Provinciale d'Industrialisation (SPI+), Rue du Vertbois 11 à 4000 LIEGE, Belgium (Madame RIFFON Magali, Manager, 00 32 (0)4/230 11 11)
  • Administration communale de Thimister-Clermont, Centre 2 à 4890 THIMISTER, Belgium (Monsieur Didier d'OULTREMONT, Civil Engineer - Burgomaster, 00 32 (0) 87/44 65 16)

The commune is ready to offer any assistance with your projects or facilitate your contacts (in French and in English).

Information about the area

  • Location
    • Runs along the E40 motorway (Liège-Aachen)
    • Located across three communes: Dison, Thimister-Clermont and Welkenraedt
    • A few kilometres from the Battice interchange, at the E40 and E42 intersection
    • 10 minutes from Verviers
    • Direct access in both directions via motorway entries and exits at Thimister-Clermont (exit 37 bis)
  • Distances
    • Aachen - 26 km or 15 mins away
    • Antwerpen - 128 km or 1h 15 away
    • Bruxelles - 116 km or 1h 15 away
    • Köln - 89 km or 1h away
    • Liège - 18 km or 20 mins away
    • Maestricht - 34 km or 30 mins away
    • Paris - 385 km or 4h away


Other information

Early 1973, SPI+, a development agency, requests the purchase of some 175 ha of land (at the time, used for agriculture), 123 of which (70.3%) located in the Thimister-Clermont commune.

The zoning process was slow (compulsory purchase, surveys and development of necessary infrastructures).

The first major development happened in 1992 when the EIB (Dison) transfered to the zone joining the first companies that had already set up there, a move which was made possible following the construction of a new road (Zénobe Gramme).

However, the area really took off in 1995-1996:

  • new main road
  • access to the North motorway (direction Aachen-Liège)

From that point on, the zone's success exploded: in the Thimister-Clermont section, the number of companies established there rose from 8 in 1990 to 22 in 1995 and to over 60 in 2003.

Companies from all sectors can be found there: transport, food, printing, plastic, industrial trucking, mechanical and prototype manufacturing, industrial carpentry, electricity, electronics, steelwork, polyethylene foam, civil engineering, cork manufacturing, lettering, hygiene, and so on.

Over the years, the Thimister-Clermont commune has worked hard to develop the industrial area.

  • Constant contacts with investors, companies and help in carrying out studies and projects.
  • Running a companies' club with SPI+.
  • Nearly 2 million Euros invested.
  • Helpfulness - individual contacts.

Nowadays, the area has a brand new access road worthy of its name and total and direct motorway access.

Finally, an infrastructure survey on an area roughly 70 ha wide for development is being carried out, which should meet the demands of companies in the future.