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The château de Crawhez was built in 1555 by Henri Reul in a gothic style.

It stands out for its 2 lateral stepped gables.


Built in the middle of the 17th Century, in Mosan Renaissance style, le château de l'Aguesse comprises a corps de logis at the back and an entrance defended by a round tower.

The weathervane on the tower represents a magpie, and the lintel over the entrance doorway in three pieces is characteristic of this type of dwelling.

Aguesse, the walloon word for magpie, was the nickname given to Mathieu Wauthy (l'Agass), who lived in the château in the mid 17th Century.


No documents exist about the first château de Clermont building.

This old château was built in the "Godefroid" field and comprised 2 buildings: a large tower with 3 floors and an annexe house.

The new château's jutting porch entrance way and round tower built in 1653, and restored in 1783, are still visible.

This rather remarkable complex gives an unusual character to the alley-way that snakes between the old walls of the cemetery and the pastoral home leading to the village square.


Nearly nothing remains of the modest size and appearance of the old château-ferme des Couves.

Only the rough-stone foundations of the house and defensive walls are still visible.

The dried out moats are still largely intact.

The early manor dates back to the 13th and 14th Century.