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Cidre Ruwet




In 1898, Joseph Ruwet, a young audacious inhabitant of Thimister returned from his travels in Normandy where he had started making the local beverage, cider.

The similarity between Normandy farmland and the numerous orchards in Herve, pushed him to set up the Joseph Ruwet cider works and vinegar factory in the middle of Thimister village.

Right from the start the business took off, providing welcome, albeit seasonal, work for the local population. Small farmers found a new channel, a new market for the enormous apple harvest that the orchards produced each year.

Throughout the 20th Century and now the 21st, the small factory has kept on producing the fizzy drink found on tables across Belgium and abroad.

Three generations of Ruwet succeeded at the head of the house until the Geens company took over the reins in 1986.

Nowadays, the Ruwet cider works are still putting the fizz in fruit flavoured cider, flavours such as peach and melon.

The works also welcome tourists wishing to discover the long history of the "CIDRES RUWET".

Click to visit the Cidrerie RUWET : la Maison du Tourisme de Herve