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Cider cross-country



Cross-country cider

Set for the 3rd Sunday of March, this cross-country race is aimed at children of primary school age. The morning races (around 11am) are exclusively for boys and girls that attend any of the five primary schools in the Thimister-Clermont area. The afternoon races are open to any primary school children. Young sporty boys and girls from villages such as Charneux, La Clouse, Aubel, Andrimont, Henri Chapelle and others also participate.

Cider jogging

On one of the last Sundays of the summer holidays, Thimister is buzzing with crowds of joggers ready at the starting line, much like shoppers in front of big department stores on the first day of the sales. The route chosen, partly follows the RAVEL circuit (the old 38 railway line) and partly the ashpalted paths and roads of lower Herve. Three streams of runners are are allowed on the day: children less than 12 years of age, 12-16 year olds and "grand jogging", namely adult runners. It is of note that the races for the youngest runners are gaining more and more popularity each year.

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