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Horse riders at Elsaute


 It all started around 1929 with the restoration of the interior of Elsaute church. In order to reduce the church renovation, the priest at the time suggested to his parish that they pay for the restoration of the internal statues.

The parish directly sponsored all the statues, except for the statue of Saint Eloi. So our brave priest used his homily to list all the professions for which Saint Eloi is the patron saint.

The result: a farmer who loved horses was moved to sponsor the good saint. The effect of that Sunday sermon didn't end there: it was said that Elsaute was protected by a holy niche of St. Eloi located at the village entrance.

Thus, the elements were in place to establish 1st December, Saint Eloi's festival day, as a rally day for horse riders. A procession travels from the church to the statue of the saint, and there a blessing is given by the clergy for all the mounts present.

Nowadays, horse riding is a passion and many horse riders still come to get their horses blessed at Elsaute on the Sunday closest to 1st December.